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The podroll is a collection of podcast sites that i frequently monitor and listen to.
Podcast Sites
  • The Kamla Bhatt Show
    Podcasts on politics, technology, current affairs in India!
  • Technology podcasts from India
    Indian Tech Stuff
    Brilliant collection of full-length talks, interviews and panel discussions on all sorts of contemporary topics!
  • Long Now Seminars
    These are seminars about longterm thinking and cover lots of interesting issues like economics, politics, policy, energy, environment, technology, biology, history etc. I highly recommend these if you are someone who wants to stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, these lectures are given by very distinguished leaders in those above fields.
  • listeningtowords
    This site contains an eclectic collection of podcasts on wide-ranging issues.
  • Equal Time for Freethought
    This site will interest you if you are interested in philosophy, religion and politics.
  • TED
    You will love this site if you are technogeek and love any form of technology. Some of the ideas presented by the speakers are enlightening and thought-provoking.
  • EconTalk
    Believe it or not, but economy is the driver of our contemporary world. Thus it is in everyones interests to understand the fundamentals. Interviewer Russ Roberts talks with great economists and thinkers on the core fundamental economic issues surrounding us.
  • OnSecurity
    These are collection of interviews with Computer Security experts on various basic issues related to security. Good for beginners in the field or if you are only interested in understanding the gist of things.
  • Silver Bullet
    Gary McGraw, himself a very distiguished researcher, interviews the current who's who in the field of security(academic, underground and industry professionals). This is a great collection of contemporary and future security issues.