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These are few presentations which i have made to informal groups of people in the past. Please use them as a reference only and not as a authoritative source. Also kindly cite this page and my name if you plan to use these for your own purposes.
Presentations on technical concepts

Introduction to SSL
Given at IBM India Software Labs on 23rd Dec 2003.

Introduction to AWK
Given at Nevis Networks on 2nd Feb 2004.

Presentations made as part of my coursework

Virtualization with XEN
Given as part of Trusted Computing course in Spring 2007

Design of softtpm
Given as part of Trusted Computing course project in Spring 2007. This presentation details my TPM emulator implementation on the linux kernel.

Hacking the Web
Given as part of Web Technologies course at USC in Spring 2009. Intention was to make it a sort of reference manual and thus it tries to cover a lot of vocabulary in the field and provides relevant pointers.