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Dhingana Ripper

Dhingana ripper is command line for downloading songs in mp3 format from The tool is written in ruby and emulates functionality of a browser while accessing the dhigana website. I originally reverse engineered dhingana's protocol using packet captures (wireshark) but there is now an easier way using the Firebug Firefox plugin. Note that the tool may break if dhingana's website undergoes any changes. I wrote this tool because i found it too cumbersome to keep clicking links for listening songs. Using this tool i am able to listen to any song of my choice within 10-15 seconds (on an average and depends on your download speed). Please read the disclaimer before using the tool
This program is licensed under GPLv3.
Requirements for running the program
  • ruby v1.8.6 interpreter (atleast)
  • Ruby net/http modules
  • Usage
    $ ./ripd.rb
    Dhingana Ripper v0.2
    Copyright (c) Arun Viswanathan 2008-2010

    Usage: ./ripd.rb 
           search_keywords : A list of keywords within " "
           search_type     : song

    $ ./ripd.rb "an evening in paris" song
    Searching for 'an+evening+in+paris' of type 'song'
    Search returned 4 results
            0 An Evening In Paris
            1 An Evening In Paris - Raat Ke Humsafar
            2 An Evening In Paris-Raat Ke Humsafar
            3 An Evening In Paris-Raat Ke Humsafar
    Select file number to download (Hit Ctrl-D after input or 'q' to quit) ?
    Downloading song 'An Evening In Paris' .. (will take some time)
    Writing to file 'An Evening In Paris.mp3'
    Done ! Enjoy

    Source Code
    Please report any bugs or comments to
    Please note that this tool is meant for non-commercial use only. The use of the tool must comply with Dhingana's Terms of Service and that responsibility rests with the user of the tool. I cannot be held responsible for any legal issues arising out of the tools usage.