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Security Challenges

This is a collection of security challenges that i have found interesting. I will try to make my own answers available soon. There is no better way to learn security than by getting your hands dirty.

Capture the Flag (CTF) Competitions
  • Defcon CTF
  • Hacker Challenges by Ed Skoudis
  • Ethical Hacker Hacker Challenges
  • Forensics Challenge
  • DFRWS Forensics Challenge (2005)
  • Malware Challenges
  • Tyler Hudak Malware Challenge (2008)
  • DShield Malware Analysis Quiz (2006)
  • Malware challenge from Honeynet
  • Code Security / Buffer Overflows
  • Advanced Windows Buffer Overflows
  • MSDN Test your Security IQ
  • Network Protocol challenges
  • PacketLife Quizzes