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Security Conferences / Magazines / Blogs

This is a list of conferences, magazines and blogs that i periodically monitor to keep myself updated.

Computer Security Conferences
Conference Held approx. in..
Blackhat DC Feb
ShmooCon Feb
VEE (Virtual Execution Environments) March/April
CanSecWest March/April
LEET April/May
IEEE Security and Privacy May/June
EUSecWest May
WEIS (Economics in InfoSec) June
SHB (Security and Human Behavior) July/August
SOUPS July/August
USENIX Security July/August
Hotsec * July/August
WOOT * July/August
Blackhat (USA) August
Toorcon September
RAID (Intrusion Detection) September
BA-Con Sep/Oct
LISA November
PacSec (Japan) November
ACSAC December

Conferences marked with * may not be held every year.

Computer Security Magazines
  • IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine
  • Phrack Magazine
  • Uninformed Journal
  • USENIX ;login
  • Hakin9
  • Computer Security Blogs
    I follow SANS ISC blog everyday to get summary and pointers on the day-to-day events related to security. The other blogs i follow periodically are in the table below. To subscribe to all the feeds at once please download this OPML file and import into your feed-reader.

    Blog Name and URL RSS
    Authentium Virus Blog
    Browser Fun
    Cloud Security
    Collaborative RCE Tool Library - RCE Tools (including sub-categories)
    Computer Forensics, Malware Analysis & Digital Investigations
    Dancho Danchev's Blog - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge
    Dark Reading: Dark Reading News Analysis
    Darknet - The Darkside
    DoxPara Research
    Emerging Threats
    Gartner: Security and Privacy web application security lab
    Hack In The Box
    invisiblethings' blog
    (ISC)2 Blog
    Kernel Fun
    Layer 8
    Malware Database
    Mark Russinovich's Blog
    Matasano Chargen
    Matthieu Suiche's blog !
    Michael Howard's Web Log
    Network World on Security
    Packet Storm Security Headlines
    RISE Security
    RISKS Digest
    SANS Information Security Reading Room
    SANS Internet Storm Center, InfoCON: green
    Secure Software Blog
    Security Bloggers Network
    Security Is Simple: Only Use Perfect Software
    Security Response Weblog
    Security to the Core | Arbor Networks Security Blog
    Security Vulnerability Research & Defense
    SecurityFocus News
    SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities
    Symantec Security Blog
    The Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC)
    The Recurity Lablog
    The Security Development Lifecycle
    ThreatFire Research Blog
    Uninformed Journal
    US-CERT Cyber Security Alerts
    Verizon Business Security Blog
    worm blog