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This is a very simple perl script for generating a webalbum of photographs much like a picasa web album. The big difference is that geekalbumz also outputs the EXIF information from the photographs. This makes it very useful for learning photography as one can compare the parameters of different photographs to understand the nuances better.
This program is licensed under GPLv3.
Requirements for running the program
  • Linux (for now as it is not tested on Windows)
  • Perl
  • Image::EXIF Perl module (a tar is included in the distribution)
  • A working installation of convert ("Version: ImageMagick 6.3.7 08/21/08 Q16")
  • Usage
    bash$ perl <images directory> <album name>

    A directory with "album name" is created in the current working directory. Open album.html (in directory album name) to view your HTML album.
    Source Code
    Download (.tar.gz)
    Example Albums
    Check Mountains.
    Please report any bugs or comments to