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International Affairs

  • The power of nightmares (3 part video)

    Excellent BBC documentary drawing parallels between the American Neoconservative movement and Islamic Fundamentalism. This video definitely makes a lot of sense in the 21st century as the clashes in todays world are in some-sense the fruits of these ideologies. One would also appreciate why fear-mongering has worked so effectively for politicians. [Toggle Notes]

  • Terror in Mumbai (BBC Channel 4 documentary)

    This is a mind-numbing documentary comprising of never-seen footage of the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai. It is chilling to see and hear the mindset of the people behind these terror acts.

  • Rethink Afghanistan

    A six-part documentary by Robert Greenwald on why the war in Afghanistan is futile for the US and how it may be destabilizing the surrounding region.

  • Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11

    This really does not need an introduction. If you dont know about this then you have been living under a rock !

  • Michael Moore's Sicko

    Again ! No introduction necessary. Its a must watch to understand how incentives control our "humanness".

  • Useful Websites
  • Council on Foreign Relations

    Contains excellent analysis of global events by notable experts. The thing that interests me most is that the analysis also provides historic background which allows one to put current events in better perspective.


    A non-partisan website that cross-checks facts and statements made by politicians and the media along with citations.

  • History Commons (Timelines)

    This is an excellent place to dig into the evolution of key international events (past and present) using publicly available information. The timelines contain a quick overview of events ordered by time(ofcourse) and links for further perusal. A multidimensional categorization of the events reveals key events. This project was founded by Paul Thompson who is now famous for his 9/11 Timeline.

  • Essays / OPeds
  • Held by the Taliban

    A gripping 5-part essay by David Rhode about his abduction, ordeals and eventual escape from the Taliban. The story is a first-hand account of life in that region of the world. I found the piece very well-written, insightful, at times scary but above-all as a wakeup call to all decision makers to end this pointless conflict and save our future generations from the hatred that is being fueled by the current occupation.

  • The Beauty of Compromise

    Dr. Ramachandra Guha starts with this brilliant insight, An excess of secularism may be as problematic as bigotry, whereas pragmatism is in salutary contrast to both of those. Using the issue of the Burkha as perceived by different countries, he brilliantly argues for a highly pragmatic solution to most problems: Compromise.